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I am proud to announce the winner of the Emma Hack Art Prize 2015 as Youngsoon Jin.
Emma Hack Art Prize People's Choice 2015 is Che Chorley.

'The work that we have chosen at the official winner of the Emma Hack Art Prize touches gently on the impactful nature in which we as humans, take nature and control it for our needs, a perfect example of the theme, ‘Humanity in Nature’.  The artwork is executed beautifully’ - Emma Hack

Winner Emma Hack Art Prize 2015
Youngsoon Jin - 'Omelette'

I held the discarded eggshell that was destined for the bin after making an omelette. The stamp on eggs are id codes which tell you where the eggs come from. Its industry-made stamp contrasts sharply with its natural appearance.    

Winner - People’s Choice Emma Hack Art Prize 2015
Che Chorley - ‘Minutes to…’

'Minutes to...' explores our dependance on the ocean for life and yet our wanton disregard for its health. It evokes a maternal instinctual care for the individual but ignorance of the whole.

Judges:  Samela Harris, Christopher Orchard and Emma Hack






Emma Hack Art Prize 2015    


Winner:                   Youngsoon Jin

Title:                         Omelette

Dimensions: 82cm x 117cm
Material: Pencil on paper  









Emma Hack Art Prize 2015 People's Choice    


Winner:                   Che Chorley

Title:                         Minutes to...


Dimensions: 120cm x 80cm
Material: Giclee print on photo rag
Edition: 2/5










Emma Hack Art Prize 36 finalists (an extra 6 finalists due to aligning scores) were exhibited March 3rd to 29th at The Adelaide Convention Centre as part of The Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Margaret Ambridge
Jaqueline Barmentloo
Jane Bollmeyer
Rowena Boyd
Judith Brown
Thom Buchanan
Deidre But-Husaim
Darren Clements
Che Chorley
Donovan Christie
Jasmine Dixon
Benjamin Dowie
Rohan Fraser
Alex Frayne
John Goodridge
Yasmin Grass
Forest Harder
Scott Hartshorne
Daniel Hurditch
Youngsoon Jin
Angelique Joy
Leanne King
Terri Kraehe
Benjamin Liew
Kelly Milton
Ellen Portell
Maureen Prichard
Andrew Slattery
Bianca Smith
Julie Strawinski
Peter Syndicas
Lucy Timbrell
Dan Tomkins
Datsun Tran
Danae Thyssen
Alison Waye




The Emma Hack Art Prize would love to thank The Adelaide Convention Centre for their generous donation of their amazing, NEW West Building space and the sponsor for the ‘Peoples Choice Prize’, Raw Pearls.





















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