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FINALIST OF 2015 (archive)








Emma Hack Art Prize is proud to announce the 36 finalists (an extra 6 finalists due to aligning scores) to be exhibited March 3rd at 9:00am to March 29th at 5:00pm at The Adelaide Convention Centre as part of The Adelaide Fringe Festival.




















Finalist:       Margaret Ambridge


The enfolding comfort of constraint, the constant and futile search for meaning within the bounded.

Control – human nature?

Learnt behaviour binding future possibility even when the boundaries are removed in open soil.

The energy, the fervour, the futility; the repetition.

Within the comfort of constraint self-strangulation is inevitable.

Humanity – in nature…


Title:                         Bound
Dimensions:          95 x 112 cm
Material:                charcoal on film


Price:                         $1800






















Finalist:       Jaqueline Barmentloo


In paradise Dolly finds herself in a spotlight of reality: I feel from within our cities, that protect & distance us from what we call nature, humanity often forgets it does not control everything and is in fact existing nature.


Title:                          Paradise
Dimensions:           137 x 91 cm
Material:                 Giclee Print on Canvas
Edition:                    1


Price:                         $4500
























Finalist:       Jane Bollmeyer


Floating effortlessly in their oblivious magnificence in their vast kingdom - this should be the idyllic environment for such a noble creature.  Lamentably, being slaughtered for traditional medicine has become their sad reality.


Title:                           Delicate Demise
Dimensions:            71cm x 50.5cm
Material:                  Acrylic On Canvas


Price:                         $650























Finalist:       Rowena Boyd


In this work, the richly tactile surface formed by accreting thousands of thin molten wax layers provokes sensory intimacy and a connection with nature, holding the gaze like patterns formed by moss or fungi on the bark of a tree.


Title:                          Insides
Dimensions:           81 x 60 cm
Material:                 Encaustic on board


Price:                         $900





























Finalist:       Judith Brown


Man and nature are intertwined in their relationship with each other. I have used natural elements found in my own environment to bring forth the beauty inherent in this alliance.


Title:                A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme:                             What leaf-fringed legend haunts abound
Dimensions: 80 x 100cm
Material:       Watsonia bulbs, paper and giclee print


Price:               $2500




























Finalist:       Thom Buchanan


The dichotomy of the landscape and built environment


Title:                          Encaptulate
Dimensions:           120 x 120
Material:                  acrylic and oil on canvas



Price:                         $5000






















Finalist:       Deidre But-Husaim


This painting, Whisper, is part of an ongoing response to the body of work Deidre But-Husaim created whilst undertaking a residency at the Art Gallery of South Australia through The Collections Project, Guildhouse. "But-Husaim is looking at looking when, in the tsunami of visual stimulation surrounding us, so much goes unnoticed. Her paintings ask us to look and look again, and challenge the passivity and incapacity so often attributed to looking, enlivening the idea of ‘active spectatorship’. As Jacques Rancière once wrote, “looking is also an action... and ... ‘interpreting the world’ is already a means of transforming it…” Sera Waters, Adelaide-based artist, arts writer and lecturer


Title:                           Whisper (AGSA)
Dimensions:            61 x 45 cm
Material:                  oil on maple panel


Price:                         $5500































Finalist:       Darren Clements


Solo is a young boy who loves his surroundings. He has no technology, no wealth, no social status, but he loves to climb, loves to play amongst his environment. It was when he climbed into my favorite tree, a tree of natural beauty, evolutionary brilliance and full of subtle ecosystems that a moment was had. Humanity in Nature, the art prize, the reason I was there in the first place all came together in (15 mins) a moment of wonder.

Solo loves his trees, loves his culture, loves his paradise and loves being a boy. He doesn't want to grow up and wonder if his trees are going to disappear, his families uprooted and the islands grow silent. I love taking photos, I love telling a story, this is my art.


Title:                          Solo
Dimensions:           134 x 200cm
Material:                  Giclee Print

Edition:                     1


Price:                         $1500

















Emma Hack Art Prize 2015 People's Choice    


Winner:                   Che Chorley

Title:                         Minutes to...


'Minutes to...' explores our dependance on the ocean for life and yet our wanton disregard for its health. It evokes a maternal instinctual care for the individual but ignorance of the whole.


Title:                           Minutes to...
Dimensions:           120cm x 80cm
Material:                  Giclee print on photo rag
Edition:                     2/5


Price:                         $1500





















Finalist:       Donovan Christie


Humans have been making their mark on nature for some 40ooo years. This remains true even to today where graffiti writers make their mark on the walls of society. In a colourful form of expression, rebellion, creativity and angst.


Title:                         Tunnel Vision
Dimensions:           60x90cm
Material:                 Oil and Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Edition:                    Open Edition Print (30x42cm) $120ea

Price:                         $1200





















Finalist:       Jasmine Dixon


July is part of a collection that celebrates Australian multiculturalism. By placing ethnically diverse subjects against southern star charts, studded with opals, I hope to harmoniously stitch the people, sky and land together


Title:                           July
Dimensions:            83.8 x 83.8cm
Material:                  Oil on canvas, thread, opal pieces


Price:                         $1000




























Finalist:       Benjamin Dowie


Follow French adventurer and filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay as he discovers the wonder of his environment and looks to nature for inspiration.


Title:                     Stillness Arises
Length:                4:44 min
Material:            Digital


Price:                     $500
























Finalist:       Rohan Fraser


This painting was inspired by a trail near the Tamar River in Launceston. The foliage crowded the path almost impenetrably, giving the sense of crossing a threshold as one enters.


Title:                          On a Path Through Dense Foliage
Dimensions:           121 x 100 cm
Material:                  acrylic on board


Price:                         $1600
























Finalist:       Alex Frayne


My entry is a literal depiction of "humanity in nature;" a woman wading in the foreshore at Glenelg. The scale of the character in such a wide expanse of water brings a particularly Australian perspective to the work.


Title:                          Alone Again, Naturally
Dimensions:           90cm x 60cm
Material:                 photo rag
Edition:                    1/2


Price:                         $14000


















Finalist:       John Goodridge


The theme of Humanity in Nature can be explored by contrasting the foreground solid trees yet we can see into the vast light of the Milky Way.


Title:                          The Sadness will last Forever

Dimensions:            70 x 90 cm
Material:                  Metallic paper


Price:                         $1500

















Finalist:       Yasmin Grass


Lightly following the footsteps of illustrated natural history documents, I travel as a decorative explorer on a domestic expedition to view the house and garden as an extension of the self.


Title:                            Bird Cup
Dimensions:             69 x 61cm

Material:                   Oil on canvas


Price:                         $890































Finalist:       Forest Harder


Image - 'Rumble Young Man, Rumble'.  For me this picture represents the turmoil of growing.  The pain, rumination, self assesment, joy and satisfaction that comes with the gaining of wisdom, knowledge and age.


Title:                          Rumble Young Man, Rumble
Dimensions:           96cm x 133cm
Material:                 Photorag photographic paper


Price:                         $1100























Finalist:       Scott Hartshorne


Ocean born jetsam is an ever-increasing sight on the remote south coast of KI. The barnacles have evolved over millennia to be one of nature’s voyagers, whilst their curvy mothership is an iconic reminder of humanity’s ‘progress’.


Title:                       Mothership
Dimensions:        101 x 76cm
Material:              Oil and alkyd on stretched linen panel               


Price:                        $3500


















Finalist:       Daniel Hurditch


Change becoming pattern-collapsing ice shelf, e waste and domestic coverings.


Title:                        Pink Icing
Dimensions:         142.5 x 112.5 cm
Material:               Oil on synthetic canvas     


Price:                         $2500
































Emma Hack Art Prize 2015    


Winner:                   Youngsoon Jin

Title:                         Omelette


I held the discarded eggshell that was destined for the bin after making an omelette. The stamp on eggs are id codes which tell you where the eggs come from. Its industry-made stamp contrasts sharply with its natural appearance.


Title:                         Omelette
Dimensions:          82cm x 117cm
Material:                Pencil on paper       


Price:                         $1800
























Finalist:       Angelique Joy


Family: The foundations that create who we are, who we want to be, where we want to be and what we all want from this life and world.


How we see the world and where we fit within it is refracted through the experiences  provided  to us within the family unit. All of who we are, your identity and mine, is created because of, or in spite of the family unit. Nature versus nurture. What happens behind closed doors, what happens when all are looking? What are the things that we rebelled against? What are the things we cling to? What is ‘Family’? How is family defined in our current environment? How does that current definition affect the family unit and how it is expected to be?.......


This piece seeks to question and explore the notion of family. It seeks to challenge our ideas of family and how that fits within our world. This piece is planned to be the beginning of a series of family portraits that explore and challenge traditional and non traditional family units. It seeks to challenge family ideals and the world they fit within.

Conditioning and rebellion. Social expectations and constructs. Nature versus nurture.


Title:                          Conditioning
Dimensions:           200 x 138 cm
Material:                 Photo Rag, mounted on Gatorboard       
Edition:                    Large Print, Edition 1 of 5


Price:                         $1500

























Finalist:       Leanne King


We live as humans in a natural world. We are inexplicably entwined. To maintain the balance we must be gentle but strong and pure of spirit or in one big puff we will be gone.


Title:                          Entangled
Dimensions:           32.9 x 48.3 cm
Material:                  Fibre Rag Photographic Paper


Price:                         $795
































Finalist:       Terri Kraehe


Humans have a natural and vital connection to nature. This is symbolised in this work as a floral bouquet; a human gesture of reconnecting with nature within our homes and busy lives that often distance us from the natural world.


Title:                       Roses
Dimensions:        17 x 13 cm
Material:              Borosilicate glass and found cut glass jug


Price:                      $500






































Finalist:       Benjamin Liew


A fence built to keep camels in (or out) is swallowed up as it follows the contours of a desert dune somewhere near Dubai.


Title:                   Camel proof fence
Dimensions:    117 x 68cm
Material:          Giclee Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag
Edition:             Open


Price:                  $1500





















Finalist:       Kelly Milton


'Emblem' references the humble beauty in ancient, natural media (limestone) and its power to entice us to transform it into treasured objects which emanate our perceived uniqueness, status and prestige.


Title:                           Emblem
Dimensions:            60 W x 35 H x 60 L
Material:                  Mt Gambier Limestone, found and antique                                        objects, glitter, watercolour and fake fur


Price:                         $1750



























Finalist:       Ellen Portell


Humanity and nature flow as one under the actions of man on mother nature, a risk of innovation against tradition. Such combination causes reactions. My Photograph 'High Flow' provides a visual display of my interpretation of this


Title:                         High Flow
Dimensions:          90cm x 135cm
Material:                 Photograph on wood (block mounted)

Edition:                    3


Price:                         $700





























Finalist:       Maureen Prichard


Inspired by Dante the work uses medieval symbols & motifs to consider the ways artists, from early manuscript illuminators to William Morris, align humanity with natural tropes. The whole is governed by Golden Ratio proportions. 


Title:                        Thoughts on the Frailty of Life  #2
Dimensions:         61 x 51 cm
Material:                Scraperboard


Price:                         $3000



























Finalist:       Andrew Slattery


This derelict tractor in its prime was used to tend & shape the land for agricultural purposes. Ironically, due to years of human neglect, nature has taken back over – changing and forever altering the abandoned machine.


Title:                          Finished tractor
Dimensions:          120 x 90cm
Material:                 Automotive acrylic on wood


Price:                         $2000

















Finalist:       Bianca Smith


Stripping away the complexities of life, Sasha represents the basic fundamental human instinct we posses to feel and show compassion and humanity. Being a female is of significance as we have always been the nurturers, bearing strength and resilience.

The feather signifies an ancient connection between humans and earth’s inhabitance. The ability of the human race to recognize beauty in all things makes us unique.


Title:                          Sasha
Dimensions:           80 x 99cm
Material:                 Pastel drawing


Price:                         $1250






















Finalist:       Julie Strawinski


Humanity in Nature relates to the fact that Mother Nature is divine and gives us, as human beings, many gifts. The work is about gifts from nature, the idea that man made objects reflect similar patterns that occur in nature.


Title:                          Envy
Dimensions:           70 x 70
Material:                  Oil on canvas


Price:                         $1850






















Finalist:       Peter Syndicas


My sculptures are often named by their origins. The particular twig which this sculpture was based on was collected in Montauk, Long Island, New York USA.


Title:                          Montauk
Dimensions:           114cm x 44 cm
Material:                  Polished Bronze on Patinated Bronze Base
Edition:                     2/4


Price:                         $7500



















Finalist:       Lucy Timbrell


For centuries, people have lived along the Mekong Delta. The river system in Vietnam has dramatically shaped and affected the lives of these people, who have adapted their entire lifestyle to suit living by the river. Boats are used for transport and conducting business upon the water, and from frequent flooding, stilt houses have evolved. Floods also bring the fertile soil that is so important to continue farming in the area, providing a livelihood for many people. However, life on the Mekong Delta can be precarious, often depending upon the whims of nature.


Title:                                   Living on the Mekong Delta
Dimensions:                    100 x130 cm
Material:                          Hand coloured linocut

Edition:                             1/6


Price Framed:                $1250






















Finalist:       Dan Tomkins


This painting rejoices in the beauty of a landscape rich with flora and bursting with life. Leaves are interwoven with glimpses of poetry and scrawled musings on humanity's endless wonder of the natural world.


Title:                           The Gift Back
Dimensions:            163 x 123cm
Material:                  Acrylic, spray paint, marker & pastel on                                        canvas


Price:                         $4500


















Finalist:       Datsun Tran


This piece relates to the theme as an allegory for our flaws, we ignore the environment even when there are obvious signs of distress. We’d rather lock horns with each other than deal with the bigger, and more difficult issues.


Title:                          As it all falls down
Dimensions:           105cm diameter
Material:                 Oil on board canvas


Price:                         $4800

















Finalist:       Danae Thyssen


This image was inspired by the tragic Adelaide Hills Fires, that occurred recently. The phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor and is a symbol of mankind’s indestructible spirit and our ability to recreate ourselves. We as human beings have the right to choose, just as the mythical bird has the ability to consciously consume itself within flames so that it may be reborn anew from the ashes. The fire that consumes us, must also destroy the metaphorical nest we created, so that not only the individual is transformed, but the environment, the nest, which it created. The phoenix itself, is a symbol representing transformation of human consciousness, it exemplifies our capacity to be able to embrace our vision to rise rejuvenated from the ashes.


Title:                         Baptism Of Fire
Dimensions:          49 x 62cm
Material:                 Giclee' Print on fine art paper
Ediiton:                    1/6, 2 AP


Price:                         $795















Finalist:       Alison Waye


This painting aims to speak to the audience of the care and dedication that our species need to preserve our biodiversity. It shows the hands of John Wamsley as he held a baby platypus, one of Warrawongs new arrivals.


Title:                         A Stitch in Time
Dimensions:          39.2 cm x 39.7 cm
Material:                Oil on board


Price:                         $600






















15% of sales will be donated to Trees For Life







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