The Emma Hack Art Prize is a $5000 acquisitive art prize for all South Australian based artists from any discipline, with a yearly theme. 2016 is the third year of the Emma Hack Art Prize.


(37 this year - due to aligning scores)


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Artist: J.A. Arnott
Title: I am a warrior

Synopsis: I am a woman of my time. Although disease has laid waste to my body, I am greater than the sum of my parts. I am a warrior but I need no shield to protect myself or the ones I love. I am the guardian of all that I hold dear, the teller of our stories, the lynch-pin of our lives.
This is my identity.

Dimensions: 76 x 76 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Year: 2016
Price: $1900


Name: Jaqueline Barmentloo
Title: A Frayed Knot

Synopsis:  “Stop trying to be something you’re not”- they told me when I was very young. It was a confusing moment when I came to realise the world identified me differently than I. Of course they were so right, I had to be true to myself. 

Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm
Material: Giclee Print on Canvas
Year: 2015
Price: $5000


Name: Marc D Bowden
Title:  Isaiah

Synopsis: With references to the vibrant colours, lush vegetation and blue and white textiles of PNG's Southern Highlands traditional male attire, this work is a contemporary bow toward Isaiah's heritage, of which he is intensely proud.

Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm
Edition:  7 + 2AP
Material: Digital file printed with archival ink on Ilford Gold Cotton Textured 330gsm paper
Year: 2015
Price: $3000


Artist: Caity Brennan
Title: Fragments

Synopsis: Our personal identity is always changing as we get old. Pain and hardship can shatter pre-conceptions we have about ourselves. This artwork is a reflection on the idea that personal identity is fragile and constantly evolving.

Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm          
Material: Charcoal on toned paper
Year: 2015
Price:  $1000


Name: Thom Buchanan
Title: We are all the same in this computer game.

Synopsis: Six Degrees of Separation looks at how one can attempt to be different in this complex world, but are we really? Is there any point of difference between us all? Fragmented and fractured, constantly in the process of change and transformation we search for self-definition and understanding in a cyber landscape, consumed owner ship of identity interfaced in a 2D and 3D realm or worlds

Dimensions: 140 x 105 cm              
Material: paint and canvas
Year: 2016
Price:  $5750

Thom Buchanan is represented by Hill Smith Gallery


Name: Meaghan Coles
Title: In her eyes

Synopsis:  I use the female face as my muse to display a void of identity, more an emotion, a stillness of how women are represented in popular imagery. I used mixed media to create a unique surface of layers and abstract mark making.

Dimensions: 102 x 76cm
Material: Oil, spray enamel & resin on canvas
Year: 2015
Price:  $1950




Artist:  James Dean
Title: Mask & Cape

Synopsis: The naked figure stands exposed, his flaws and imperfections open for the world to see. He leans on the suit like a crutch as though longing to have his vulnerabilities, an aspect of his true identity masked once again by this uniform of success.

Dimensions: 76 x 91 cm
Material:  Oil on canvas
Year:  2016
Price:  $1200


Name:  Janine Dello
Title: Phoebe in the Dress she can’t afford

Synopsis:  What we wear speaks volumes about our personal identity. High fashion is not mere clothing; it promotes desirability and enables us to use the fantasy as a personal expression of transformation.

Dimensions: 77 x 102 cm                
Material: oil on linen
Year: 2016
Price:  $800




Artist: Michelle Driver
Title: Windows No. 1

Synopsis: 'Windows No. 1' invites the viewer to peer into the very core of what makes up our identity. It is a 'secret portrait', an internal image that literally lays bare all that is true within us.

Dimensions: 35.5 x 52 cm 
Material: wool, cotton and linen
Year:  2015
Price:  $1200


Artist: Adele Dubarry
Title: Portrait of the Artist in a Former Life

Synopsis: This work references the timeless enigmatic portraits painted on the walls of houses in Ancient Rome. Who is this portrait of? Is it like me? Or my ancestors? Was it made yesterday? Or a thousand years ago? 

Dimensions:  32cm x 40 cm
Material:   copper, metal, oil paint
Year:   2015
Price:  $5000





Artist: Sara Farizeh (Roshana)
Title: Rise From Within

Synopsis: You are not revealed to yourself yet. You haven't seen your beauties. One day just like the sun you will rise from within. Rumi (1200s CE)

Dimensions: 50 x 40 cm
Material:  Acrylic on wood
Year: 2015
Price:  $3750




Name: Alessandra Fiorina

Synopsis:  THE TRANSSEXUAL: self explanatory for when the self cannot explain itself. 

Dimensions: 694 x 124 cm    
Material: Oil and soft pastel on board. Framed
Year: 2015
Price:   $3500



Artist: Steph Fuller
Title: Self-portrait age 23

Synopsis: This first white strand survived many attempts by others to remove it. I am still not entirely sure why I felt it should stay, except that it was tangled up in my sense of self.

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Edition:  5 + 1AP
Material:  Giclée print on photo rag paper
Year:  2015
Price:   $900   


Name: Greg Geraghty
Title: Integral

Synopsis:  The work Integral endeavors to depict within a painted image, something of the flow of thoughts and influences that permeate the boundary between the individual and their surrounding. And that this back and forth flow constantly redefines both ourselves and our environment.

Dimensions: 120 x 100cm
Material: Oil on plywood
Year:  2015
Price:  $2800



Artist: Yasmin Grass
Title: An Ode

Synopsis: She left her nest to settle on this side of the world. Regular cups of tea brought the family together to share an exchange of information on all kinds of subjects. This is a song, an ode, a celebration. A remembrance.

Dimensions:  76 x 61 cm
Material:  Oil on canvas
Year:  2015
Price: $1200




Artist: Molly Harris
Title: Being Sandra

Synopsis: Gendered interaction between adults and children begins as soon as the gender of a baby is known. From the moment we are born we are subject to a range of gender-specific messages and expectations. These are based solely on the nature of our genitals. 
My project explores what life is like for those individuals whose gender identity falls somewhere outside of society's expectations. Here Sandra, a Vietnam veteran gets ready for Anzac Day. Sandra is, and rightfully so unforgiving for living her life the way she wishes too. I have tried to capture her strength in my images.

Dimensions:  84 x 59 cm
Edition:   20
Material: Digital Print
Year:  2015
Price:   $2000




Artist: Amanda Hassett
Title: My Beloved Pixels 1 - the Storyteller

Synopsis: Digital worlds create new social and expressive places for us to exist, and contribute significantly to our identity. My Beloved Pixels  is based on the digitisation of identity, exploring the fusion between the physical and digital self.   

Dimensions: 84 x 84 cm
Material: oil on canvas
Year: 2015
Price: $990



Artist: Margie Hookway
Title: Akundiik

Synopsis: Akundiik fled Sudan to seek refuge in Australia at 14. Forging a transition into adulthood against a myriad of challenges, rural surrounds evoke nostalgia for her, a comforting yet complex reminder of past and current identity. 

Dimensions:  130 x 130 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Year: 2016

Price:   $1300







Artist : Amy Herrmann
Title:  The Exhibit

Synopsis:   It was an affair between a voyeur and a performer; when two artists became entwined in each other’s act of making and performing their own piece.  

Dimensions:  Triptych 20 x 20 cm each
Edition: 1 of 3 + AP 
Material: Photographic print on Photorag 
Year: 2016
Price:  $970



Artist: Tony Kearney
Title: Portrait of a chair

Synopsis: If a chair occupies a space where noone gets access, is it still a chair? Or does it need human contact to validate its existence? This chair had seen life so with respect I made a portrait and left it for the next urban explorer.  

100 x 100cm 
Edition:  5 + 1AP
Material: Giclee print on photo rag paper
Year:  2015
Price: $1500


Artist: Glenn Kestell
Title: Brooding 3

Synopsis: Societal perceptions, expectations and reflections compile and create a warped view of personal identity - facades of ‘who we are’. However, sometimes we just don't give a shit.

Dimensions: 66  x 66 cm
Material: Oil on linen
Year: 2015
Price: $1800


Name: Leanne King
Title: Spiritual Identity

Synopsis: A photographic study of my son’s spiritual search his physical body rooted in nature exploring the minds domains through meditation overcoming fear travelling solo and realising his uniqueness is mapped his identity his alone

Dimensions: Oval framed 60 x 50 cm
Edition: 1                
Material:  Epson Enhanced matt photographic paper with pigment ink
Year: 2015
Price: $800



Artist:  Kate Kurucz
Title: Apostle
Synopsis: I am currently trying to understand my identity and 'place' by exploring the absurd and the sublime in my paintings. Strange looming identifiers of Australiana, childhood, and nature form a humorous and uneasy personal mythos.
Dimensions: 45 x 60cm 
Material: Oil on board
Year: 2016
Price: $1140



Artist: Benjamin Liew
Title:  Photobombed Selfies - the entire collection til 22/1/2016

Synopsis: When the project began in November 2012, it was only meant to be one picture a day and would end after a month. 3 years on and over 1000 pictures later, my Self-portrait-a-day project is ongoing with no end in sight. This collection of mostly photo bombed images features over 350 people, cats, dogs, birds, stuffed toys, statues, horses and an elephant. Most of the people pets and stuffed toys I know well and they have had an impact on my life. Some are celebrating, others battling sickness. Some have passed away and others have left my life. New, old  and close friends, family members, clients, colleagues, celebrities and teachers, and in the middle of it all, me - my unchanging face, surrounded by people who have made me who I am today.
This collection is presented in date order starting with first image on the top left and moving across each row before ending on the 294th image on the bottom right.

Dimensions:  75 x 75cm
Edition: 8
Material: Fine art photographic paper
Year: 2016
Price: $1981




Artist: Sarah Long
Title:  Abdo, Barber from Beirut



Whilst strolling in the beautiful and mesmerising streets of Beirut, Lebanon, i was drawn to look into a small window where i discovered Abdo Hachem, a 75 year old veteran Barber who has been operating from this same  store in the district of Achrafieh for 54 years. When he saw me he hopped out from his classic original Barber's chair, dressed in his white barbers coat to welcome me inside.

Abdo, a gentle man, small in stature, with a warm and inviting smile, happily agreed for me to photograph him and his incredible barber shop that seemed to have been frozen in time. From the outside there were no clues to the identity of this location but inside typical 1960’s era Beirut tiles and wood paneling walls had obviously been kept with pride.

We chatted for a while in English and broken French, not one of my strongest tongues, and he told me the tales of his life and the tragedy of the loss of his beloved wife. “I still have my beautiful daughters” he said “and my health, apart from my knees" he said with a smile.

Dimensions: 100 x 70cm
Edition: 3
Material: Giclee Print
Year: 2015
Price: $2000




Artist: Jess Mara
Title: Unit

Synopsis:  'Unit is a family portrait inspired by my emerging identity as a mother. 

Dimensions: 84.5 x 71 cm
Material:   Oil on Linen
Year:  2015
Price:  $2900


Artist:  Joshua Miels
Title: Dilemma

Synopsis: What is our own identity? With new technology we can choose what and who we want to be. the line between who are and what we choose to be seen have become blurred. this piece is based on the struggle of knowing ourselves. 

Dimensions: 150 x 150 cm
Material:  oil on canvas
Year: 2015
Price: $4500
Representation: Affiliated Artist at Hill Smith Gallery


Artist: Judy Morris
Title: Spoken

Synopsis: This portrait of Ian Gibbins celebrates a new phase in his life, now a performance poet, bringing his unique blend of scientific and artistic interpretations of the world around him to audiences in Adelaide and beyond. 

Dimensions: 126 x 94 cm
Material:  Coloured pencil on paper
Year:  2015
Price:  $2950



Artist: Amanda Ng
Title: Young Bamboo

Synopsis: Bamboo takes root in my Australian and Malaysian Chinese heritage, flourishing happily in both climates. As young bamboo holds much potential, I feel that I am the same, and will only reach great heights through time and patience.

Dimensions: 76 x 56 cm
Material:  Watercolour and ink on paper
Year:  2016
Price:   $1000




Name: Lisa Nguyen
Title: The mean, angry one (got old and wistful)

Synopsis: You can see it in his face, his gaunt cheeks, his firmly pressed lips, his nostalgic, distant eyes: he did not grow up here. He lost it all once, only to lose it all again here. He can't go back, but he can't move forward.

Dimensions: 122 x 91 cm
Material:  Oil on canvas
Year:   2015
Price:   $600


Artist: Greg O’Leary
Title: Portrait

Synopsis: 'Dale' was painted from life over five sittings in August 2015. In her academic and professional life, Dale has an international reputation working in areas of family violence, conflict resolution and gender issues. 

Dimensions: 65cm x 50cm
Material:  Oil on canvas
Year:   2015 
Price:  $7500


Artist: Sally Parnis
Title: DNA

Synopsis: When fascinated by family likeness, we recognize the unique and yet composite identity of our DNA. In this work, digital drawing enables the viewer to participate in this painterly transformation of one family member to the next, made from life.

Running time: 14minutes, intended to loop.
Edition: 10
Material:  mp4 video, composed of edited iPad drawing playbacks and stills (TV sold separately)
Year: 2016  
Price: $265


Artist: Michelle Robinson
Title: Queen of Her Own Dreams

Synopsis: Through years of battling with The Black Dog, I have learnt that in my battles, I possess hope: that there is forever a light at the end of the tunnel - no matter how long the tunnel is. I am the owner of my destiny. 

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
Edition:  1
Material: Digital print on Canvas
Year:  2015 
Price:  $1200



Artist: Ellen Schlobohm
Title: The Eyes

Synopsis: Through biometrics, eyes identify but what is identity? Feminine & natural symbolism cut away a silhouette. As givers of life, how does the female form influence identity? Windows to the soul remain untouched in “The Eyes”

70 in diameter (circle)
Material:  Handcut papercut from a giclee print on archival paper, fabriano academia, MDF, perspex
Year:  2016
Price:  $1500




Artist: Renate Smitham
Title:  Melissa

Synopsis:   This series of double exposures explores the themes of identity, alienation, the search of self, and the duality and conflict that exists within us. It is a dialogue with oneself and a quest to find a path to inner reconciliation.

Dimensions: 200 x 33.5 cm
Edition:  6
Material:   Giclee prints on photo rag
Year: 2016
Price:  $1299




Artist:  Julie Strawinski
Title:  Reflections of Dolly Daydream

Synopsis: ‘You are my reflection and all I see is you.’

I have been intrigued by Bradley dolls since childhood. The 70’s dolls epitomize the idealized perfection of beauty; I aspired to when I was 7 years old. They are reflections of a girl growing up, a personal account that moulded my identity, the seemingly unobtainable desire to be older, to be someone else, not happy in her 7 year old skin.

The doll paintings evoke a great sense of nostalgia and by mirroring them in a diptych format, question the idea of individuality. Their Kogei eyes gaze at one another, the same, but never the same, as mirrors show us what we look like, but not who we are.
 The doll diptych is about Women and the unconscious desire to be looked after, the Cinderella complex. They are modern day icons that glorify beauty, perfection and individuality.

Dimensions: Diptych 120 x 40.5 cm         
Material: Oil on Belgian Linen
Year: 2016
Price: $3250





Artist: Karen Waller
Title: Pascoe Braun

Synopsis: The theme of identity is explored through the personal story of Pascoe Braun. The subject in the image is Aboriginal and a Stolen Generations Survivor. This is a story about resilience in the search for identity and meaning. 

Dimensions: 90 x 60 cm
Material: Photographic paper - printed on a tin like material
Year: 2015
Price: $850











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